Binnenkort verkrijgbaar Het Boek over druivenrassen: Wine Grapes van de auteurs Jancis Robinson & Julia Harding, Co-auteur: Jose Vouillamoz. Welliswaar een prijzig boekje; ca. 155 euro, maar als wijnliefhebber schijn je dit niet te mogen missen. Bij al voor te bestellen.

De Engelse omschrijving: “This is an indispensable book for every wine lover, from some of the world’s greatest experts. Where do wine grapes come from and how are they related to each other? What is the historical background of each grape variety? Where are they grown? What sort of wines do they make and, most importantly, what do they taste like? Using the most cutting-edge DNA analysis and detailing almost 1,400 distinct grape varieties, as well as myriad correct (and highlighting almost as many incorrect) synonyms, this particularly beautiful book includes revelatory grape family trees, and a rich variety of illustrations from Viala and Vermorel’s seminal ampelography with century-old illustrations. Combining Jancis Robinson’s world view, nose for good writing and good wines with Julia Harding’s expertise and attention to detail plus Dr Vouillamoz’s unique level of scholarship, Wine Grapes offers essential and original information in greater depth and breadth than has ever been available before. A book for wine students, wine experts and wine lovers everywhere.”